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Volunteers Keep Wheels Turning for Tiskilwa Historical Society

A few months ago, when historical society secretary Julie Sampson totaled up the number of volunteers for last year, she came up with 93 names of helpers who did little or big jobs throughout the year! One of the stand-out volunteers ever since the society's beginning in 2006 has been Richard Fisher, who is stepping down from his various duties this fall. Everyone appreciates his cheerful, dependable efforts to keep things running smoothly throughout the years.

Richard Fisher's good and faithful service to the Tiskilwa Historical Society included changing the promotional sign each month. We happened to catch him doing the deed right after Pow Wow Days.

Society volunteers step up for all kinds of projects, both great and small. It might be as easy as making treats for one of our monthly meetings or helping out at one of our outdoor summer programs. One constant need is for staffers who come in on a Saturday for a few hours. This might happen only a once or twice a year, but it keeps the museum open for visitors. This need is especially important now that we have two buildings displaying TIskilwa's history. Records show that we've missed only four Saturdays in 13 years, and three of those closures were because of snowstorms.

If you (whether or not you're a member) can help once in a while to keep the home fires burning, please get in touch with Julie Sampson at 815.646.4456 or Cele Gerber at 815.646.4353. We'll have a seasoned staffer there to assist you for the first time or two.

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