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Tiskilwa Schools Through the Years

Tiskilwa's first school was a private school which opened in 1838.  It was located in a 16' x 34' building located near Main and Sycamore streets. The building also served as a community meeting place for town hall meetings and elections.

The second school was a public school called Union School. It was built in 1850 and was located at the current site of St. Mary's Church on Main Street.

The next school (pictured directly below) was built in 1867-68 at a price of $35,000, housed grades 1-12, and was said to be the finest district school in Illinois outside of Chicago. (From: Mary B. Steimle, When Tiskilwa Was Young, 1985)

The building served grades 1-12 from 1868 through 1912, and then served grades 1-8 until 1939.


Gymnasium added in 1950


Gym, cafeteria, kitchen, and east wing of classrooms added in 1955.


Former Tiskilwa Grade School, now owned by Princeton Elementary School District.

Former Tiskilwa High School

Spring 1979-1995

Annexed to Princeton in 1996.

The building is now privately owned.

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