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Tiskilwa to Host “Places to Experience Our Cultural History” on May 8

On Monday evening, May 8, Norman Moline, professor emeritus at Augustana College, will share his enthusiasm for our state’s historic sites in a program of photos and facts. The program begins at 7:00 p.m. at Tiskilwa’s Museum on Main and the community is invited to attend.

Noted for his lively his presentations, Dr. Moline encourages audience members to explore Illinois’ hidden gems and experience our cultural history. Questions, observations, and personal tales will be welcomed.

On May 8 at Tiskilwa’s Museum on Main, Dr. Norman Moline will present a program focusing on Illinois’ historic landmarks, such as Lone Tree School. Located eight miles south of Tiskilwa, Lone Tree is one of the best-preserved structures of the 236 one-room schools that once existed in Bureau County. In 2004, it was added to the Register of Historic Structures through the efforts of Dorothy and Fran Ary.

Dr. Moline explains his goal this way: “I want listeners to come away with the feeling that our cultural history is literally right before our eyes – we can experience it in person!” After giving an overview of history-related National Monuments and Historic Landmarks of statewide significance, Dr. Moline will focus on a few key landmarks and historic places in Bureau County and neighboring areas.

In the 1960s, the National Park Service began determining historic designations, along with several National Monuments, Trails, Heritage Corridors, and Historic Landmarks. There are now more that 1,900 designated in Illinois.

Dr. Moline, PhD Professor appears in Tiskilwa through a grant from the Illinois Humanities Council’s Road Scholars. Events at Museum on Main are always free of charge and open to the public. The presentation will be followed by refreshments and social time in the museum galleries.


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