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Throwback Thursday

On Saturday, March 4, the Gallery on Galena will be open from 10:00 to 1:00, along with the Museum on Main. Our volunteer staffers will show you around or stay out of your way – whichever you’d prefer!

Throwback Thursday: Did you know that, in addition to country school and military mementoes, the GoG houses a corner of memorabilia from other organizations that met there? As this photo shows, the former Legion Hall hosted the Lions Club, Boy Scouts, wedding receptions, the Royal Neighbors, and other community activities. If you have photos to share, we'd love to make copies showing other groups meeting there "back in the day."

At the Museum on Main, we have a new showcase to tout our March 13 program, “There’s History All Around Us,” presented by Logan Junior High students. Each year, Mr. David Gray’s eighth-graders research local structures and sites of historical interest. Recently, member Sally Munson created a promotional showcase, using photos and artifacts from our collection.


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