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4th of July 2023

We'll soon be celebrating The Fourth of July ~~ because of the actions and sacrifices of the local men and women honored at our Gallery on Galena, agreed? If you have a few extra minutes, stop by on Saturday, July 1, between 10 a.m. and 1:00 to take a look at their names, faces, uniforms, as well as other military and American Legion artifacts. Marg and Bill Wendle will be there to greet you. (Just south of the tracks at 550 N. Galena, Tisk)

We also have a display of uniforms, photos, and unusual military items at our Museum on Main, open every Saturday from 10 to 1:00. This weekend, Jane Jones will be holding down the fort. She's a good one to answer any Q you might have about this, that, and even the other thing!

As you probably noticed, these photos at the GoG were taken on Memorial Day, 2023.


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