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“The Secrets of Beekeeping” on Sunday, July 8, at Tiskilwa’s Museum on Main, Followed by the 12th An

When Ed and Charlie Waca recently discovered a big beehive in their dad’s old barn, they knew exactly what to do. Ed called John Sims and Jayne Barnes to see if they’d be interested in giving the hive a new home, and they hurried right over to take a look.

At 4:00 on Sunday afternoon at Tiskilwa’s Museum on Main, John and Jayne will share details of their adventures in beekeeping. The program will be in the air-conditioned community room, upstairs at the museum.

Immediately following the presentation, the Society will welcome the community to share in their annual picnic under the shade trees on the west lawn. If it’s too steamy or too rainy, picnickers may cross the street to eat in the community room at the Tiskilwa Library.

John’s TLC business in Tiskilwa was the source of their interest in bees, as the occasional beehive would appear in their tree-removal work. As their fascination grew, their research increased through books, videos, and online information. Now, four years after beginning, they keep more than 40 hives. One of John’s sly smiles spread across his face as he revealed one tidbit in the secret lives of beekeepers: “A true beekeeper never tells anyone his exact number of hives.”

On Sunday, July 8, beekeepers John Sims and Jayne Barnes will present a program at Tiskilwa’s Museum on Main.  Last month, 15-year-old Jesse Sims (descending ladder) donned his beekeeping gear and helped his dad, Don, remove a large hive from the Waca barn in Tiskilwa.

On Sunday, July 8, beekeepers John Sims and Jayne Barnes will present

a program at Tiskilwa’s Museum on Main.

During the program, John and Jayne will answer common questions, such as “What does the inside of a hive look like?” If everything works out, they will bring along a small observation hive that the audience can study in a glass encasement. This program promises to be a perfect fit for youngsters, oldsters, and in-betweeners.

John and Jayne agree that beekeeping is a complicated operation, especially with so many details that are time-sensitive. As members of the Illinois Valley Beekeepers Association, John and Jayne meet with the group to swap stories on how to keep the happy hives, how best to harvest and filter honey, and other secrets of the trade.

Around 5:00 p.m., the board members will begin serving a picnic supper to celebrate the Tiskilwa Historical Society’s twelfth birthday and give a tip of the cap to the volunteers who make it all happen. The menu will feature all-beef hot dogs with fixin’s, baked beans, chips, and lemonade. A free-will offering will be accepted to defray the cost of the picnic spread. Last year, more than 75 attended the event, so don’t be shy. Come on down!

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