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Tiskilwa Historical Society to Repeat “Voices from Mount Bloom” on November 6

“Back by Popular Demand” is a well-worn phrase, but this time it rings true. After the enthusiastic response to the “Voices from Mount Bloom” program during Pow Wow Days, the Tiskilwa Historical Society decided to reprise the crowd-pleasing performances. The November 6 evening will begin with the society’s annual Salute to Veterans. In addition, the depiction of a Revolutionary War veteran will be one of the highlights of the program.

To accommodate schedules of the actors, the usual program date has been moved to the first Monday, November 6. The presentation begins at 7:00 p.m. in the upstairs Community Room at the Museum on Main.

Six colorful “residents” of Tiskilwa’s Mount Bloom Cemetery will be portrayed: Catharine Bloom Keep (1826-1847), the first person buried there; Bill Slygh (1867-1952), blacksmith and legendary storyteller; Romelia Lyon Stevens (1844-1934), matriarch of the prominent Stevens family; Aaron Sturges (1760-1842), Revolutionary War soldier, his daughter Lydia Sturges (1791-1865); and O.W. Battey (1823-1899), businessman and civic-minded citizen.

Over several months, each character was meticulously researched by a committee of twelve who wrote the entertaining and informative scripts. The life stories will be presented by local favorites Shannon Cotter, Ed Waca, Joy E. Schertz, Tom and Linda Ashby, and Phil Kaufmann.

When the T-H-S Board heard praise such as “Fascinating!” and “Remarkable!” as well as “I’m so disappointed I missed it!” they decided to re-stage the accolade-winning performance. As many recall, the project was a fundraiser for the Building Fund, and those who are seeing it for the first time are welcomed to make a donation. However, second-time-around audience members are encouraged to just come on down and enjoy it all over again.

Following the program, the society will provide refreshments and host a social time in the galleries. This another event of interest to folks of all ages – from long-time history buffs to youngsters and everyone in between.

Many a Tiskilwa resident, including Ed Waca pictured here, grew up hearing stories of a fabled blacksmith, Bill Slygh. Using the voice and style of the old timer, Ed will spin of few of Bill’s best-known tales – those that are acceptable for polite company.

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