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The March issue of "The Wapsipinicon" is now posted.

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Tiskilwa Historical Society
110 East Main Street, P.O. Box 87
Tiskilwa, IL 61368

November 2015




To honor the service and courage of men and women from our community who served in the military,Tiskilwa Historical Society is launching a new program to preserve their memories for future generations.

We plan to build an archive with a military-duty photo and a caption with a brief accountof the vet’s service, plus a story or two from their time in the service. The format may be a written or an audio-taped description of his/her time in active duty.


  • What kind of stories?  Dealer’s choice: dramatic, straight-forward, humorous, heroic or a combination of all these elements – you decide.  One approach might be to copy or read excerpts directly from letters written to the folks at home. The subject may be yourself or someone you know, past or present.  It may also be written by or about someone currently serving on active duty.

  • How do I submit this information?  Complete the form linked below and return it to the Museum on Main or the Tiskilwa Public Library.  

  • What will happen to my submission?  We are in the process of forming a special VOICES OF VETERANS committee to determine details for displaying photos and archiving materials. In mid-January, we will meet to organize and divide labor. If you think this is a worthwhile project, please watch for further details. Many jobs, both large and small, will play an important part this effort. 

  • Can I get some help with this?  Sure!  We’ll give more details about assistance sessions after the first meeting of the “V of V” committee in mid-January.


Is there a submission deadline?  Unless you’re planning to ask for an assist with your write-up, please have your VOICES OF VETS to us by January 15, 2016.  Talk over the stories with your family during the holidays and choose a few of the best ones to share with the rest of us.    


Click here for Voices of Veterans submission form